I have owned everything from a $10 blue tooth keyboard to my all-time favorite $180 Apex TKL Pro. As someone that plays more than their fair share of video games, I need as fast of a response time as I can. Given that I can only get about 1 MB/s download speed, every little bit counts. ISP aside though, this keyboard comes equipped with a trick. The revolutionary OmniPoint switches are the fastest in the world!

Although this is an expensive keyboard, these switches have twice (2x) the longevity of any other switches on the market. I have been using the same one without a single issue for about two years and I can easily see it withstanding another two years.

The LCD Screen is clean and bright, their desktop application allows you to draw a logo, or even paste in a picture or GIF into it. Keeping you company while you shred the lobbies, or shred the web.

SteelSeries desktop application allows you to set custom colors to every key, adjust switch sensitivity in levels from 1 to 10, and to lay effects on keys pressed.

It has a USB passthrough port indicated by its white LED and 3 different cable routes for the slim but firm USB cable.

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